Who we are

The need to recover Rocket Booster is increasing dramatically nowadays. Many technologies have been developed already; others are still in their way to be a developed within next few years. Existing technologies are similar to the landing gears/legs on the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Booster and/or on the Blue Origin New Shepard Rocket. Underdeveloped technologies use similar ideas, such as trying to catch a falling/returning rocket booster mid-air using arms on a catching tower, a cargo hook on a helicopter and parachutes.

XYZ Landing has spotted many disadvantages in the technologies mentioned above. We have conceived and developed a cost-effective Rocket Booster Landing System that will help land Rocket Boosters vertically and safely without the need for incorporated landing element onboard, which provides a way to transport larger payloads into space in a more economical manner. Our main goal is to reduce the refurbishing operations cost and make space travel more affordable.